Window Shopping – Luna Moth Inspired Outfit

Last week I changed up the look of my blog to better reflect my recent artwork. I’ve really been loving minty hues and shades of peach and coral, so I used that color scheme (with my old standby of light gray). It was so close in color to the Luna moth that I recently illustrated that I decided to feature him on my header. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out – Luna moths are so lovely.

When I was browsing Modcloth earlier, I noticed this top and the color and delicate shape of it reminded me of the Luna moth! And it inspired me to do this window shopping post. I hope you enjoy it! Links to all of the pieces can be located right below the image!

This post contains affiliate links. I make a small amount of money when some links are clicked or purchases are made after clicking links. This helps me to keep the blog running. I will never endorse products I don’t personally believe in. Thanks!

Outfit inspired by the beautiful Luna Moth

1. Hello, Bow! Top in Mint – Modcloth (on sale!)
2. Lou Glasses – Moorea Seal (sold out! But try these other clubmasters)
3. Surrender Studded Bucket Bag – Threadsence (sold out, but check out this similar bucket bag)
4. Fashionista Blue Asphalt Jeans – Wet Seal
5. Wrapped Spear Ring – Moorea Seal (sold out, but check out this similar arrowhead ring)
6. Night and Day Trip Bootie in Sand – Modcloth (on sale!)
7. Charter School Cardigan in Peach – Modcloth (on sale!)

I already own the Charter School cardigan in green and charcoal and it’s by far my favorite cardigan. It has a slim fit so it doesn’t add bulkiness to an outfit and it hits around elbow length which is perfect for spring days or under a jacket. I would love to get that cardigan in peach (in every color actually). What colors are you gravitating toward right now?

P.S. You can find all of my insects and other artwork in my Etsy shop! You can also get your own custom illustration of anything you like, for your blog or for print, just contact me for details!

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By Kelsi Eldredge


  1. says

    i noticed your site’s new look the other day and i meant to say that it’s very nice! i always love coral and mint/aqua together. i decided those are my colors for my “wedding” (in quotes because it will just be a simple ceremony, no reception). i got a white dress from modcloth and i’m going to have (fake) coral/orange poppies and some sort of minty shoes which i am searching everywhere for.

    ps. i got this top at target which is a little like the one above:

  2. says

    just saw your reply.. yes! i have been hunting modcloth every day for shoes.. haha. i have definitely considered every mint/aqua shoe they have. i ordered a few, but only kept one so far..

    these are the winners unless i find something else. i almost got this one the other day: ( because i mean, hearts!? but i just couldn’t pull the trigger on the white heels. i might change my mind though.

    if you see anything else i’d love to know. i’m really wanting a more pastel/lighter color for the mint/aqua (the shoes i have i think are light enough but they are a touch too sky colored – i’m so picky! lol) and I think a closed toe shoe. i really never had a 50s vibe going, but i’m kind of feelin it for this outfit.. like spring 50s wedding-ish, as this is my dress:

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