Pantone’s 2014 Color Of The Year… Radiant Orchid?

Last week, Pantone announced their Color Of The Year for 2014… “Radiant Orchid.” Ehhh? I’m not sold. The only thing I can think of is a frilly sateen bridesmaid dress, you know, with maybe one of those sash things that goes around the waist, and it makes a swishy sound when you walk? So basically, it’s the color of a nightmare (which you would think would be black or maybe indigo, but no. It’s Radiant Orchid.)

Am I wrong? Last year’s color was Emerald. Emmmmerald, dahling. Don’t you feel like a 1950’s hollywood star in a fur stole just saying it? Emerald conjures up words like elegant, opulent, luxurious, lavish, and just plain fancy. Radiant Orchid… the only words I can muster up are, well, not words. More like sound effects…ack! bleh! huh? or at best, mehhh.

Okay, okay, I know, it could work in a few instances, like maybe eyeshadow something. Tampon boxes? I don’t know. Overall, I feel like it’s a really hard color to relate to if you’re anywhere in the age range between puberty and menopause.

Well now that I’ve eviscerated it, tell me what you think of Pantone’s 2014 color of the year. Is there hope for Radiant Orchid or should we just strike it from our memories and privately reinstate Emerald for another year? Tell me your thoughts in the comments. (P.S. I actually do think it would make a really charming hair color.)

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By Kelsi Eldredge


  1. Maribeth says

    I’m actually wearing a bridesmaid dress next year in this color that makes the same sound effects you noted. Except no sash.

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