Outfit Of The Day – Interview Ready (Plus Halloween!)

Gosh, it’s been a while since I did an outfit post! I thought I’d be taking a lot more outfit photos since moving to Oklahoma, but most of my clothing is still packed and I’ve been wearing the same stuff (t-shirts and jeans) over and over. But on Halloween, I had a job interview (my first one in about 10 years!) so I thought I’d go ahead and have Rachael take some photos for me!

outfit of the day - interview 2

outfit of the day - interview 3

In these first couple shots, I was watching Marni (one of the dogs) running like crazy around the yard, getting in to stuff and playing with a ball that was bigger than her head. She cracks me up. Marni was a little curious about what I was doing too and decided to join me :)

outfit of the day - interview 5

outfit of the day - interview 6

No septum ring for the first time in 10 years too! I feel like my face looks naked without it. I have a retainer in right now, but ooooh does it feel weird! I hope I can find one that fits a little bit tighter so it will be more comfortable to wear. I constantly want to mess with it right now.

outfit of the day - interview 7

outfit of the day - interview 8

I looooooove these Chelsea Crew shoes and I’ve only ever worn them once before. I’m always afraid I’ll get them dirty, which I probably would.

Outfit details: Knit top (sold out, similar) // Plaid skirt, borrowed (similar) (similar) // Acorn necklace, borrowed (similar)// Hudson Watch by Michael Kors //Tights from Modcloth // Susan Oxfords by Chelsea Crew(similar)

Pretty much everything I’m wearing here I borrowed from Rachael except for the tights and shoes. I’ve made a little more progress with getting my clothing unpacked since then. You can see me wearing the same necklace in this previous outfit post as well. And Rachael wore this skirt and watch in her outfit post last Thanksgiving.

raccoon costume

Annnnd at the last minute I decided to be a raccoon for Halloween. I had a fluffy striped tail too, but half of the kids still thought I was a cat. One of my favorite trick-or-treaters was a little boy (maybe 3 years old?) who was dressed as a kitty, and since he thought I was one too, he had a chat with me about what kitties say. Too adorable. I also enjoyed the little girl dressed as Batman – complete with huge pecs and abs built in, The half-werewolf-half-zombie boy, and the wizard who used the expelliarmus charm on us. I just watched all of the Harry Potter series for the first time, so I fully appreciated that.

How was your halloween? What did you all do and dress up as?

P.S. I got the job!

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By Kelsi Eldredge


    • kelsismellsi says

      Thank you! My roommate laughed at me for having pictures of actual racoons pulled up on my iPad while I was doing my makeup, haha.

  1. says

    Congrats on the job! Your interview outfit is really cute and so perfect for the fall. I may be having some yellow sweater envy right about now :)

    Glad to hear you had an awesome Halloween. Your raccoon makeup is AWESOME!
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