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Old Spice Hair Care & Styling Product Review

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Old Spice. Old Spice has compensated me to review their products. Regardless, I only write about companies and products/services that I feel will be a good fit for my readers. All opinions expressed in this post are those of Kelsi Eldredge and Cesar Candelas.

Old Spice Logo_highres

I was recently contacted by Old Spice to review their new line of men’s hair care and grooming products. I asked my friend, tattoo artist Cesar Candelas to try out all of these manly products for a month and pick out his favorites. Cesar and I tested out seven shampoos and five styling products and after much consideration narrowed it down to the five grooming products that worked best for him. Read on to see how we felt about these new additions to Old Spice’s classic line, and for hair care and styling tips from yours truly!


Cesar Candelas pictured here styled with Forge Molding Putty

First impressions:
Old Spice stuck to their traditional red, black, and gold packaging, which looks classy and luxurious, and Cesar liked that it helped him to effortlessly distinguish his grooming products from those of his house mate’s. In keeping with Old Spice’s theme, the scent of all of their hair products is rich and subtly swanky, not overpowering like some other men’s grooming lines.

Cleansing Products:
Figi 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner
This double hitter has a wonderfully rich lather, which is easy to work through the hair, and a lush scent reminiscent of being in the tropics. The two-in-one function cuts down on shower time and left Cesar’s hair feeling smooth and manageable.

Wolfthorn 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner
This was Cesar’s overall favorite product in the line. He says he was initially attracted by the artwork on the bottle, but what was inside the bottle is what made him want to stick with it. He normally suffers from an itchy scalp, but noticed that when he used Wolfthorn, his scalp and hair felt great. I could tell he liked it, because it was definitely the lightest of any of the bottles at the end of the month! I also must say, I really enjoy the scent of this one. It’s hard to categorize, but it smells a bit dark and sultry.

Hair Cleansing pro tips from Kelsi:
- If you feel like you aren’t getting a rich enough lather, don’t add more shampoo, add more water! The surfactants in shampoo need water in order to spread. Make sure your hair and hands are very wet before adding shampoo, and don’t be afraid to get it wetter as you work it around into a wonderfully creamy lather.

- Two-in-one’s are great for “normal” hair, but if you have dry hair or feel like a two-in-one just isn’t giving you the control you need, follow it up with a separate conditioner for extra moisture!

Styling Products:


Deadlock Spiking Glue
This is the hardest working product in the bunch. Cesar used this one when he wanted to spike his hair up and found that it held his hair perfectly in place all day. It also adds a healthy shine! If you want a product for your hair that won’t budge, this is it.

Forge Molding Putty
This was his favorite product in the line. I love that they call it “putty” because that’s really the consistency of it. It has the ideal amount of hold for the disheveled, “messy on purpose” look that is popular right now. Cesar’s hair is quite thick and coarse, and the Forge Molding Putty held up unquestionably well, even in our Seattle rain!

Unruly Texturing Paste
Cesar used this on days where he wanted just a touch of texture for a slightly polished, better-than-natural look. He also remarked that all three of these products stood their ground when he was outside in the rain better than any other line he has used, and didn’t immediately melt and run the way other products have in the past.

Hair styling pro tips from Kelsi:
- Make sure your hair is dry before using any finishing products, otherwise your hair will end up limp and lifeless.

- Start with just a small (dime size, more or less, depending on your length and thickness) amount of product in your palm, then rub your hands together, really working the product around. This will warm up and emulsify it, allowing for controlled, even application.

- When applying a styling product, start toward the back of your head and work your way forward, through the roots, midsection and ends. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers as a comb and really get in there. This way, you won’t end up with a big gloppy mess right in front of your face. Remember, if it’s not enough, you can always add more! Better to err on the side of caution.

Do you have any hair care or styling questions? Please feel free to leave a comment! I hope you’re excited to try out this new line, we feel like it has something great for every guy with every type and texture of hair. I can tell you that Cesar was really happy with the products we mentioned and he’ll by purchasing more when he runs out!


By Kelsi Eldredge

Things I Love Thursday 2/27/14

1. Has anyone else been noticing an increase in the number of quizzes being taken on Facebook? I don’t think anyone really cares about the results of all of their Facebook friends, unless maybe they got the same results. But they can be kind of a fun waste of time for a couple of minutes when you’re between projects or waiting to fall asleep. One of my favorites was What Character from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Are You? I got “The Waitress” which is funny because my roommates had been speculating about which characters we would be if we were on the show, and they totally called it – I’m the waitress.

Screenshot 2014-02-25 19.10.18

2. I just added throw pillows and tote bags with my bug illustrations to my shop on Society6. I’m pretty stoked about it and I kind of want to order them all for myself. Is it vain to have a bunch of stuff with your own artwork on it? I already have a couple prints in my room…


3. This Modcloth exclusive sweater by Dear Creatures. I’m usually not much for sweaters, but this is probably the coolest sweater I’ve ever seen.


4. This badass photo from 1920 of the Minnesota Girls’ Rifle Team. I love everything about this.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

5. This insanely adorable little dog named Kesha that I saw on Petfinder. Unfortunately I couldn’t get her because she’s already pending adoption, but holy crap. Have you ever seen anything so cute? I don’t even have words.
Photo from Petfinder

I hope that was enough awesomeness to see you through the weekend! As for me, I’m just going to keep looking at dog pictures for the next week or so…


By Kelsi Eldredge

Window Shopping – Luna Moth Inspired Outfit

Last week I changed up the look of my blog to better reflect my recent artwork. I’ve really been loving minty hues and shades of peach and coral, so I used that color scheme (with my old standby of light gray). It was so close in color to the Luna moth that I recently illustrated that I decided to feature him on my header. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out – Luna moths are so lovely.

When I was browsing Modcloth earlier, I noticed this top and the color and delicate shape of it reminded me of the Luna moth! And it inspired me to do this window shopping post. I hope you enjoy it! Links to all of the pieces can be located right below the image!

This post contains affiliate links. I make a small amount of money when some links are clicked or purchases are made after clicking links. This helps me to keep the blog running. I will never endorse products I don’t personally believe in. Thanks!


1. Hello, Bow! Top in Mint – Modcloth
2. Lou Glasses – Moorea Seal
3. Surrender Studded Bucket Bag – Threadsence
4. Fashionista Blue Asphalt Jeans – Wet Seal
5. Wrapped Spear Ring – Moorea Seal
6. Night and Day Trip Bootie in Sand – Modcloth
7. Charter School Cardigan in Peach – Modcloth

I already own the Charter School cardigan in green and charcoal and it’s by far my favorite cardigan. It has a slim fit so it doesn’t add bulkiness to an outfit and it hits around elbow length which is perfect for spring days or under a jacket. I would love to get that cardigan in peach (in every color actually). What colors are you gravitating toward right now?

P.S. You can find all of my insects and other artwork in my Etsy shop! You can also get your own custom illustration of anything you like, for your blog or for print, just contact me for details!


By Kelsi Eldredge

Featured Sponsor: Gipsy Dharma


Today I want to take a moment to introduce you to my featured sponsor for this month, Gipsy Dharma. It always makes me happy to see people take things into into their own hands to make their passion into their living, and that’s exactly what Gipsy Dharma does. Their items are all unique and handmade from sustainable leather. They’re even working on a completely vegan alternative, but waiting until they find just the right type of material to work with, which will be durable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. They also pride themselves on making footwear that is flexible and comfortable enough to walk in for hours.


Since all of their items are handmade and one of a kind, you really have to snatch them up when you see something you like! Their catalogue features beautifully crafted leather mini-skirts, knee-high boots, over-the-knee boots, ankle boots (my personal favorite) and even men’s boots in a variety of colors from neutral shades of brown to vibrant red, cobalt blue, neon yellow, and turquoise. Some of the skirts and and boots even have fun patterns!


As always, I encourage you to support small, independent businesses like Gipsy Dharma. It’s important in this increasingly automated world run by large corporations that we all support each other! Head over to Gipsy Dharma’s website today to browse the full catalogue or to enter one of their weekly worldwide giveaways!

(all photos courtesy of Gipsy Dharma)


By Kelsi Eldredge

Giveaway: Win A Custom Digital Portrait

It’s giveaway time! As you might have seen in a previous post or if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, I recently started selling prints of some of my illustrations.

I’m excited to say that they are currently being carried at The Salvage Room in Oklahoma City, OK and at Mirkwood in Arlington, WA. If you have a shop that you’d like to carry my work at, please email me at kelsibsides @ with information about your store and what you’re interested in carrying, and I would be happy to tell you about wholesale pricing!

(My insect print series at The Salvage Room in OKC)

I also started selling online in my own Etsy shop. To celebrate the opening of my shop, I’m offering $5 off all print orders of $20 or more with the code SHINYANDNEW. Just use the code at checkout for the discount. I’m also having a giveaway right here on my blog, for a custom digital portrait or pet portrait.

(Portrait of Jessa from Caked Vintage)

I will be giving away ONE custom illustration with up to two subjects (i.e. a couple, you and your cat, your two kids, you and your best friend, you with your favorite movie character, etc.) – a $35 value! The winner will receive the illustration as a high resolution JPG file, via email. For more information about how my custom illustrations work, visit my etsy listing here. Since this is a digital file, the giveaway is open internationally! You can take the file to any print shop, or use it for personal use online.

To enter, simply visit my Etsy shop and then leave a comment on this post telling me which is your favorite print in the shop OR what you would like to see there. That’s it! Make sure to include your full name (or first name and last initial) and email address with your comment so that I can contact you if you win!

Once you have completed the mandatory entry above, you may earn extra entries in any of the following ways:
1) Tweet about the giveaway. You can use your own words, but be sure to link back to this blog post. Comment here with your name, email address, twitter handle and a link to the tweet.
2) Pin one of the items from my Etsy shop on Pinterest. Just use the little “Pin It” button to the right of the product you want to share. Be sure to leave the link to the product in tact. Comment here with your name as it appears on Pinterest, your email address, and a link to the actual pin.

The giveaway will run from Friday February 7th, 2014 through Friday February 14th, 2014.


By Kelsi Eldredge

January Was A Silly Month

I haven’t written since December, and I guess that’s because January was a silly month. I say “silly” because I don’t want to say it was a “bad” month… even though a few less-than-desirable things happened (which I tend to focus on) there were some brighter sides to it too (see.. you see what I did there…?)

Here are a few standout things that happened.

I moved into a new house on January 1st with four friends – reality TV has nothing on us.

I got my wisdom teeth removed, which I was absolutely terrified about. I had to stay awake for the process, but they gave me Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) which made it not so bad. It sort of felt like being happy drunk. It’s weird to be able to hear the dentist breaking your teeth and just think “Huh… he’s totally breaking my tooth right now. Whatever.” The recovery was the worst – hella chubby cheeks, being too exhausted from meds to do anything, and not being able to eat… not being able to eat made me so mad. Anyway, that’s all over now, and I never have to worry about the tooth pain I was having before.

I locked myself out of my bedroom, I have no idea how. Since I locked my keys, purse, and phone IN my bedroom, I was a little desperate to get it open. After a couple hours of my roommate and I looking at YouTube videos about lock picking and trying to pick it open with a bobby pin, I finally had a friend come rip the trim off the door and pry it open with a pocket knife and a screwdriver or something MacGyver-esque.

I started selling my illustrations on Etsy (get $5 off any purchase of $20 or more to celebrate, woo!) and I got some prints into two brick-and-mortar retail locations – The Salvage Room in Oklahoma City, OK and Mirkwood in Arlington, WA. If you’re in either of those areas, you should stop by and check them out! And if you’re interested in carrying my work in your boutique, I certainly do offer wholesale/bulk prices, so please email me at kelsibsides at – I might even be able to work with you on doing some fresh work that you feel would sell well in your shop, as I did with The Salvage Room and the series of insect prints they’re carrying.

I went to a bunch of my friends’ bands shows, which was fun. But at one of said shows, someone stole my iPhone… not cool. I couldn’t NOT have a phone, because of work and stuff, so I had to go out the next day and get a new one. I ended up getting the iPhone 5c and I really love it. It’s a definite upgrade from the 4 that I had before. I’ve been sad because I’ve been incredibly broke since then (hello Top Ramen, my old friend) and also, more importantly because I was dumb and didn’t back it up to the cloud, so I lost all of my photos. Luckily I post a lot of photos to Instagram, so at least (the compressed versions of) some of them are out there, but there were a lot of photos and videos that I took on my road trip from Oklahoma to Washington, which I never posted anywhere which I’ll never get back. So I guess the lessons here are: don’t get so intoxicated that you don’t keep a good eye on your shit, back your phone up to the cloud, and keep money in savings in case something unexpected happens. Grown up stuff, you know?

I somehow messed up my copy of PhotoshopCS5, which I had imported from my last computer and don’t have any of the documentation for. A lot of people recommended downloading GIMP, which I did, but I don’t have the patience to learn a new program’s nuances. I definitely can’t afford CS6, so I’m deciding between buying Photoshop Elements or subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud. I know Elements will be cheaper in the long run, but it won’t have all of the tools that I like to use (layer masks, for example). I have an Amazon gift card that I could use toward either, and occasionally get gift cards by using Swagbucks but I’m just not sure which way to go with it.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded post, but I think that prettymuch wraps up the past month. Here’s to a less silly February, eh?


By Kelsi Eldredge

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